Ten Reasons To Love Halo Cigs

Do you want to find an e cig company where you don’t just go shopping but feel like part of the family? Would it be convenient to develop a relationship which supports you as you grow into vaping? How about variety and affordability: how do those sound?

These are just some of the benefits of shopping with Halo Cigs, but I’m going to talk about 10 in total. You don’t think there can be that many reasons to choose one e cig company over another, but I’m here to tell you that Halo Cigs is different; better than many of the rest.

10. Enduring Reputation

Halo was among the first companies from the United States to sell cigalikes to a grateful public of smokers. You could call them pioneers who have developed a sterling reputation for everything from hardware to e juice.

Reputation is something you can’t buy; it has to be earned. If after a few years Halo was failing to satisfy their clients, losing profits to better companies, no amount of reputation management would save them. As it turns out, the company just goes from strength to strength.

9. Customer Service

I know this should be the number one priority with any company, and it is here. Halo states clearly in their “About Us” section that customers are their focus.

They care about the real people who buy their products and share the good news about vaping with others. As one of the best-established and best-known American e cig brands, they know that it’s customers like you who put them where they are today: in the top-five of electronic cigarette businesses.

8. Great Beginner’s Cigalike

The G6 is considered one of the industry’s best electronic cigarettes for beginners or people who just like to have a mini cig on hand even if they graduate to more complex units.

Halo G6 kit lime green

The kit is easy to use and comes in many styles but every kit contains the same stuff so you aren’t bombarded by technical choices. Pick up a two-battery kit with flavor cartridges and chargers for less than $50 and all you have to select is a color.

With the G6, you get the tube shape of a real cigarette but the convenience of a rechargeable battery and the option to use pre-filled cartomizers which are really handy. New vapers love the dimensions as they are very small and similar to those of analogs.

7. Durable Upgrade

The Triton, Halo’s eGo-type device, could possibly withstand being run over by a tank.

Halo Triton Kit

I might be exaggerating since no one has actually tried this trick, but Halo’s Triton e cig has proven itself seriously durable over and over. Customers sometimes write in saying they take this device to a job site and can’t believe how knocked up it gets, but the battery still works every time.

A single kit costs just $25 but there are customization options too like colors. They offer dark, brooding shades and joyful, vivid hues.

6. New APV

After the Triton, Halo now offers The Tracer for more power and customization.

Halo Tracer Starter Kit

The Tracer looks a bit like a large version of the Triton and it’s for people who are ready to get beyond mere smoking alternatives to discover the joys of big vapor and premium e liquid.

Buy a 2600mAh Tracer Starter Kit and start vaping at low or sub ohms; that’s where the clouds are. There is only one button on the Tracer, so it’s not hard to use, but coils for the tank are replaceable. This makes vaping less wasteful and more economical since you can keep the 3.5-ml glass tank and only dispose of the heating element when it burns out.

5. Magnificent Mod

The Reactor is a variable mod. Regulate wattage for up to 50W powered by a built-in 4400mAh cell and read output on the beautiful display.

Halo Reactor Kit

This kit comes with e juice too; an added bonus considering this is top-shelf stuff. A Reactor tank holds 5 ml of e liquid, which is generous, and the wide bore drip tip is available in stainless steel and glass.

You’re using 0.5-ohm coils here and you won’t believe the difference if you started out with a G6. See how far you’ve come? The Reactor kit is great value and suits the power preferences of the average mod user.

4. Choices

Halo gives you the chance to vape with pre-filled G6 cartridges or to fill your blanks with their e juice or whatever brand you like. You can even buy the starter kit with blanks from the very beginning and select a battery size.

Former smokers love the diminutive battery, but some people prefer additional battery life: Halo doesn’t assume anything about you. Go nicotine-free or keep vaping with 2.4% nicotine; customers retain the power to choose. There are 4 sizes of Triton battery plus a pass-through and a variable voltage option.

3. Rewards

Halo customers earn points just for buying stuff. They can then use those rewards to buy things from the rewards catalogue. Assorted e juices are listed here: some from Halo, others from EVO. Save up points for the occasional freebie.

2. Affiliate Program

There’s another way to vape for free and that’s by making your passion for Halo e cigs work for you. Without selling or stocking a single item, you can become a Halo affiliate and earn commission for every sale connected to your marketing strategy.

Post banners and backlinks in your blog or on a website which take readers from your articles about e juice to the Halo e-commerce page and earn real cash.

1. Halo E Juice

Halo’s e juice has won awards from several juries and publications including Spinfuel. Their e liquid is good stuff for many reasons and often part of catalogues where the vendor refuses to carry anything less than top notch.

Many of their flavors reflect tobacco styles without real tobacco, such as Torque and Longhorn. A few gourmet choices are far sweeter and they now carry high-VG juice. Halo uses only USP-grade ingredients and mixes/bottles flavors in a regulated lab.

Developing Your Vaping Skills

When you first start vaping, probably with a disposable mini cig from the corner store, there is nothing to it. You just puff and the device produces vapor. You don’t recharge the battery, refill a tank, or press a button.

The only thing to remember is that this little stick belongs in a battery recycling center when you are done with it several hours or a full day later. Consumers who graduate to rechargeable systems, however, discover there is a lot to learn about vaping.

The longer they vape and the more sophisticated their machines become, the more tips there are to glean about successfully operating their electronics.

Vaping DevicesEarly Vaping: Choosing Products Well

One of the first things you should know about e cigs is that the automatic types activated by puffing constantly lose a bit of power.

They remain on standby all the time which is why manual batteries are recommended. These are more cost effective in the long run although you have to get used to pressing a button.

Allowing a battery to run down completely is bad news no matter what sort of device you operate. It’s a good idea to have charging equipment available in multiple locations; wherever you could run out of power. That might mean keeping chargers at home, work, a friend’s house, and in the car.

Always read recent reviews of products and look for unbiased comments. Make good use of what other vapers have shared about e cig batteries. Often their milliamp hour ratings are inflated: you don’t really get the amount of power or the charge duration they claim. Sometimes, however, a manufacturer undersells their product and customers are pleasantly surprised to find that a battery lasts longer than they anticipated.

Getting into the Rhythm

At first it’s hard to imagine how long a cell will hold its charge and how long a cartridge of e juice will last. Estimates usually equate one cartridge to a single pack of cigarettes and a large mini cig battery (240mAh or so) to about 4 hours of vaping, perhaps enough to vape to that single cartridge.

Be prepared to vape more than you smoked and be ready to run out of both power and e juice quickly. Always have a spare battery charging if you operate cigalikes. An eGo might last the day on one charge with a single serving of e juice measuring about 2 ml, but that depends on how heavily you use your equipment.

Preparing for the Next Level

As a new vaper, you were introduced to e juice high in propylene glycol (PG) because this is thin and doesn’t clog coils or make wicking material instantly gummy. As you graduate to more sophisticated coils, you can start to experiment with e juice mixtures that contain more vegetable glycerin (VG).

But take some advice: don’t use max-VG or 100% VG e liquids until you start using low and sub ohm resistance coils, particularly vertical or dual coils. These are far better able to cope with viscous e liquids than single coils for clearomizers.

Once you are using something like the Nautilus by Aspire then you can play around with e juice bases. It’s fine if you prefer PG-dense e juice with a high-level system too since you’ll get more throat hit this way, but many consumers would argue you’re wasting your time with thin e juice.

Why bother graduating to systems of this kind at all if not to blow huge clouds? Adjustable units are particularly fun for someone with any electronic aptitude or interest in gadgets and how different output levels affect their performance.

You can change the wattage of a one-button device by selecting different coils or buy a variable device and try different settings to find out what that does to cloud production and flavor.

Take care how you store e liquids, though. They like a cool dry place and sometimes benefit from being allowed to rest for several days. If flavor seems weak at first, don’t throw it out: let your e liquid steep and flavors mature like good wine.

Rebuildable Systems and Mods

When you vaped with mini cigs the base was the battery. When you move on to mods there are removable parts such as batteries which slide into the tube or box.

You can now adjust wattage, voltage, or temperature. The tanks for these systems come apart into individual pieces and the coil can be replaced or even built by you, the consumer.

Coil building is an advanced skill. Getting it wrong can destroy an unprotected device such as a mechanical mod, but most VW/VT units are protected against low resistance so you can’t hurt anything if your build is incorrect.

Learn to build coils and there are at least three advantages. One is that you save money compared with purchasing pre-built coils. Equipment and materials pay for themselves quickly.

Another advantage is that you can be very particular about resistance. Finally, coil building is simply an enjoyable pastime which turns vaping into more than a habit but a satisfying hobby as well.

Many rebuildable tanks feature pre-built coils and optional rebuild decks. Try SMOK, Kanger, Horizon, and Uwell, for examples of excellent tanks that don’t cost a fortune.

Switching to Temperature Control devices and using temperature-sensitive Ni200, 316 Stainless Steel, or Titanium heating coils is one way to vape as efficiently as possible. These materials drain batteries more slowly than regular alloys, use e juice more slowly as a result, and also result in fewer dry hits.

Clean Your System

Any mod will operate best if it is kept clean, but you find this to be even truer as you scale the heights of vaping. A rebuildable tank allows you to do more than switch from VW Kanthal coil to temperature-sensitive, efficient heating elements.

With the ability to take it apart you can also clean more fully than ever before. Get right into all the grooves, including the mouthpiece, to remove residue that affects flavor.

Make sure nothing is blocking airflow valves or preventing threads from connecting fully so there are no leaks or conductivity issues.